The Basics of CT – 9 CE Credits

A continuing education course intended to provide technologists with a firm foundation in CT scan basics, in everything from patient care to post-processing techniques

The Basics of CT
The Basics of CT

The Basics of CT is designed to provide an introduction to CT scan imaging. The course is comprised of 8 modules that cover the major areas of knowledge and practice in CT, including patient care and reducing patient radiation dose, CT scanner evolution, the impact of different factors on image quality and patient dose, key concepts in image acquisition, parameters, as well as post-processing techniques, and much, much more.

As an introductory course, The Basics of CT is appropriate for technologists who need a refresher on the fundamentals of CT scan, for technologists who are cross-training into CT and need to build their knowledge base and competencies, and for students in radiology programs looking to enhance and supplement their knowledge of the modality.

CE Credits
9 Category A
Course Price: $22.50
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Approved by the CAMRT (Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists) for 9 Category A CE Credits
Subscription duration: 180 days from purchase date
Voiceover available
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Meets the CE requirements of the following states: California, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and New Mexico
Meets ARRT® CE reporting requirements
Accepted by the NMTCB®
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  • Explain the importance of patient care while performing a CT scan
  • Discuss contrast media injections and possible side effects
  • Describe injection techniques used during CT examinations
  • Understand the role of the CT technologist is reducing patient dose
  • Discuss the pros and cons of patient shielding
  • List the different types of pitches
  • Explain how collimation affects image quality and patient dose
  • Understand the evolution of the CT scanner
  • Compare 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D images
  • Define Dual Energy CT scanning
  • Understand the process of data acquisition
  • Discuss acquisition modes and parameters
  • Define CT Dose Index (CTDI)
  • Understand the concept of post-processing
  • Explain volume rendering
  • Compare maximum intensity projection (MIP) and minimum intensity projection (MinIP)
  • List the different types of resolutions
  • Discuss factors affecting image quality in CT
  • Understand the evolution of informatics
  • Explain the principle of networking
  • Discuss picture archiving and communication systems
  • Recognize the need for security and confidentiality

Topics covered

  • Patient Care
  • Radiation Safety and Dosage
  • CT Terminology
  • History of CT Scanners
  • Acquisition
  • Post-Processing
  • Image Quality
  • Informatics
Discipline Major content category & subcategories CE Credits provided
CT-2016 Patient Care
Patient Interactions and Management 1.00
Contrast Administration 1.00
CT-2017 Patient Care
Patient Interactions and Management 2.00
CT-2016 Image Production
Physics and Instrumentation 3.00
CT-2017 Image Production
Image Formation 3.00
CT-2016 Procedures
Neuro 0.50
Body 1.00
Musculoskeletal 0.50
CT-2017 Procedures
Head, Spine, and Musculoskeletal 0.50
Neck and Chest 0.50
Abdomen and Pelvis 1.00

Average rating: 4.40/5

Jacqueline D.
October 28, 2021
default image

I was really impressed with the presentation and information that was presented. The information was precise, clear to understand and relatable to what i do and understand.

Royce H.
October 28, 2021
default image

This coarse was well put together and very informative. I like the way it was broken down into sections. This allowed me to concentrate on the subject and not get lost in remembering all material for just on comprehensive test.

Ashley R.
October 28, 2021
default image

Great course for a reasonable price!

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CE Credits
9 Category A
Course Price: $22.50
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