CT Credits for Radiologic Technologists

CT Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for Radiologic Technologist

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Welcome to Medical Professionals’ computed tomography (CT) continuing education library! Our online CT continuing education courses are developed for radiologic technologists in an interactive format that aims to simplify the concepts and your learning journey and make meeting your continuing education requirements both valuable and enjoyable, not just a necessary task. By completing any of our engaging online CT courses you will earn CT credits that fulfill the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) license renewal requirements. All of our courses are approved by either the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) or by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT). All of the CT continuing education credits you earn through Medical Professionals courses are guaranteed to be accepted by the below state registries in the USA and Canadian territories for all licensed radiologic technologists, as well as by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB®).
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*Just a quick note: we use the terms CT credits, CT CEUs, and CT continuing education credits here interchangeably. While continuing education terminology varies somewhat from place to place, all refer to the same concept, and we want to assure all rad techs that our courses can meet their CE needs, no matter what terminology is used.
*It is the responsibility of each imaging professional to ensure that the CT credits they earn satisfy any specific requirements that may exist for the individual state(s) in which they practice.

Course Overviews

Our pedagogical team is continuously developing new courses and updating the existing ones to ensure all the techniques, procedures, and protocols are up-to-date. Recently, we developed several CT scanner courses that primarily target radiologic technologists. With our current library of online CT courses, you can acquire more than 30 CT credits.

Below you can find a general overview of our CT courses. We advise you to click on the course that interests you for further details, including a more in-depth look at the course content and CQR distribution.

Our CT Essentials course, eligible for 9 CT CEUs, is one of our best-selling CT CE courses. It reviews basic principles of physics, the proper functioning of a CT scanner, and the criteria affecting the acquisition and post-treatment of images. In this course, you will learn how to optimize image quality and minimize patient dose, as well as develop a thorough appreciation of standard image acquisition options.

CT Advanced focuses primarily on computed tomography acquisition, dose optimization, and post-processing techniques. This course is eligible for 8 CT credits.

Our CT Vascular course covers the advanced principles, techniques, scan acquisitions, and processing skills necessary to acquire and process CT angiographic data. It focuses on best practices related to patient care and comfort. It also addresses the proper positioning and scanning protocols for vascular procedure, tackling the topics of vascular anatomy and evaluation of image quality. This course is eligible for 4 CT continuing education credits.

Cardiac CT is eligible for a 7 CT CEUs. This specialty CT continuing education course covers the basic principles and advanced techniques of performing a cardiac CT scan. This course provides overviews of cardiac anatomy, physiology, and pathologies, as well as a focus on optimizing ratio of image quality to dose.

Basics of CT Brain Perfusion is a short module eligible for 1 CT credit. This course defines brain CT perfusion and provides an overview of the technical considerations and limitations of the technique, as well as the advantages of this approach over MRI. In addition, the course presents example clinical applications for cases, with the intent to support you with patient diagnosis.

Finally, Minimizing Radiation Risks in Pediatric CT addresses the risks associated with the increasing use of CT in children and how to minimize them. The course provides an explanation of the various effects of ionizing radiation and reviews the basic physics that impact the radiation dose and the guidelines for the optimization of image quality to dose ratio. This course also specifically addresses challenges and requirements that are unique to pediatric computed tomography imaging and the process for developing CT protocols for use in children. This module is eligible for 1.5 CT credits.

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