Radiation Safety CE Credits

A growing library of radiation safety continuing education (CE) courses for radiologic technologists

Radiation Safety CE Credits
Radiation Safety CE Credits

Welcome to Medical Professionals’ radiation safety and radiation protection continuing education (CE credits) library, all of the online courses in this library are approved either by the ASRT or by the CAMRT.

As such, all the CE credits you earn are guaranteed to be accepted by state registries in the USA and Canadian territories for all licensed radiologic technologists, as well as for ARRT® certification renewal, and the NMTCB®. In other words, you can complete our courses and renew your certification(s) with absolute confidence.

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Unlimited CE credits for your ARRT® & state renewal. Get unlimited continuing education courses to take you beyond certification. A CE plan that makes achieving excellence easier than ever.

170+ CE Credits
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Radiation Protection Radiology CE Course

This course is designed to educate both healthcare staff and patients about the nature of radiation. It trains staff on issues related to patient protection against radiation and introduces international standards related to radiation. The course presents standard and international radiation safety applications in radiology, radioscopy, and CT scanning.

5.25 CE Credits
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Radiation Protection Safety in the Operating Room CE Course - free radiology ce credits

This course covers the radiation protection techniques that are currently used in the operating room when ionizing radiation is needed. It highlights the radiation measurements, the occupational exposure guidelines, as well as the dangers and risks related to radiation exposure.

3.75 CE Credits
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Pediatric Radiation Safety CE Course

This course covers the basic principles of digital radiography (DR) and its advantages over analog film screening and computed radiography in reducing the pediatric patient dose. It also highlights the challenges presented in acquiring DR diagnostic images in the pediatric population including proper immobilization.

1.00 CE Credit
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Radiologic Technologists Recently Asked
Are these radiation safety continuing education courses approved for Florida radiologic technologists?
Yes! Each of the radiation safety CE courses in this library has been approved by the Florida Department of Health (DOH). Not only that, but as Medical Professionals is an approved CE provider for the state of Florida, we will report the CE credits you earn from any of these radiation safety courses to the Florida DOH on your behalf on the 1st of each month.
Are your radiation safety courses accepted by the state of California?
Yes! All of the radiation safety courses in this library have been approved by the California Department of Public Health–Radiologic Health Branch for radiologic technologists licensed by the state of California.
Can I use these course to complete my ARRT® CQR?
Yes! Each radiation safety CE course in this library has a CQR distribution table on the course page. You can even use our new CQR Simulator Tool to find which course is the best fit for you to earn the CQR credits you need in specific content areas. Just choose the modality, put in your requirements, and the tool will tell you which course is the best match for your CQR needs!
What’s your refund policy?
Our refund policy is simple: if you are not satisfied with a course within 30 days of purchase, and you have neither passed a post-test nor downloaded a CE certificate for the course, you are entitled to a full refund. Just send us a message requesting a refund. We’ll quickly confirm that you haven’t passed a post-test or generated a certificate for the course, and then issue your refund right away.
Can I take my courses on my phone?
Yes! You can take these courses on any device you like—tablet, computer, or phone.
Can I use these courses for my ARRT® Renewal?
Yes! All of our radiation safety CE courses are approved for CE credits by either the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) or the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT), and are therefore guaranteed to be accepted for your ARRT® renewal.