X-Ray CE Credits

A robust library of interactive X-ray continuing education courses to earn X-ray CE credits for your ARRT ® certification & renewal

X-Ray Continuing Education (CE) Credits
X-Ray Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Welcome to Medical Professionals’ X-ray continuing education (CE credits) library! Get started on meeting your ARRT ® or state certification renewal requirements today. All of our X-ray CE courses have been approved by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT). As such, we confidently guarantee that any and all X-ray CE credits you acquire through us will be accepted:

  • By state registries in the USA and Canadian territories for all licensed radiologic technologists
  • By the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board NMTCB®
  • For the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists ® ARRT ® license renewal
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Just a quick note about terminology: we use the terms X-ray continuing education credits, X-ray CE credits, and X-ray CEUs here interchangeably. We recognize that imaging professionals working in different states or territories may use different continuing education terminology. While these terms vary somewhat from place to place, they all refer to the same concept and unit of measure, and we want to assure all rad techs that our CE courses can meet their CE requirements, no matter what terminology is used.

Note: It is the responsibility of each imaging professional to ensure that topics covered in any given X-ray continuing education course satisfy any specific requirements that may exist for the individual state(s) in which they practice.

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CE Credits
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Unlimited CE credits for your ARRT® & state renewal. Get unlimited continuing education courses to take you beyond certification. A CE plan that makes achieving excellence easier than ever.

196+ CE Credits
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X-Ray Continuing Education (CE) Courses

The best X-Ray package for ARRT® and state renewal! Get one-year access to our full X-Ray continuing education library of 19 courses and meet all your X-Ray CE and CQR requirements in one place.

61+ CE Credits
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Through the X-Ray Positioning Guide, you gain the ability to select the region of interest, and various patient and radiographic positions, determine center ray location, assess evaluation criteria, and interpret image indications effortlessly.

3.25 CE Credits
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The module will examine procedures and protocols for pelvis X-ray imaging. It will detail key aspects of a pelvis X-ray protocol, including pelvis anatomy, common pelvis pathologies, and functional aspects of the pelvic region.

2.00 CE Credits
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Radiographic Imaging of the Abdomen

This course covers radiographic abdominal imaging, such as common projections, essential positioning for abdomen X-rays, and image critique skills. It also addresses abdominal anatomy, effective communication, radiation protection, and patient instructions.

1.75 CE Credits
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In this comprehensive course, we will delve into the intricate details of the anatomy and positioning techniques specific to the skull, sinuses, and facial bones. We aim to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of these critical anatomical structures within the head, along with the specialized positioning required for imaging them accurately.

3.25 CE Credits
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Infection Control in Radiology Continuing Education

This interactive course assists Rad Techs in following NIH and WHO guidelines. It reviews hand hygiene techniques, isolation & infection control procedures, the prevention role of the RT, and occupational exposure management.

2.25 CE Credits
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Digital X-Ray Applications X-ray CE Credits

This course covers the clinical applications of digital radiography, radiographic measuring topics, and various contrast injection procedures. Suitable for radiography professionals and students.

3.25 CE Credits
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I’m an X-ray tech in California. Do your X-ray CE courses meet California’s continuing education credits requirements?
Yes! The California Department of Public Health-Radiologic Health Branch (CDPH-RHB) regulations state that any CE course that covers the application of X-rays to the human body and is approved by an ARRT ® credentialing body meets CDPH-RHB continuing education credits’ requirements. Our X-ray CE courses are approved by an ARRT ® credentialing body—the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT)—and are therefore accepted by the CDPH-RHB.
I’m an X-ray tech working in Florida. Do you submit my X-ray CE credits to the Florida Department of Health for me, or do I have to do it myself?
Yes, we do! As Medical Professionals is a Florida-approved CE provider, we submit your CE activity to the Florida DOH on the 1st of every month on your behalf.
Can I use these X-ray continuing education credits for my CQR?
Yes! Each course individual page in our X-ray CE library contains a CQR distribution table. If you need help choosing the right combination of courses to meet your CQR, you can check out our CQR Simulator! Just enter your CQR requirements, and the Simulator will tell you which courses best meet them!
I don’t see my state in the list of states that accept your X-ray CE programs. Does this mean your courses won’t be accepted by my state?
Not necessarily. We list several states (Florida, California, Texas, Oregon, Massachusetts, Kentucky, and New Mexico) only because these states have unique and specific X-ray or radiology CE credits requirements for radiologic technologists. If you’re not sure about your state’s requirements, you can check out our list of state CE requirements or send us a message, and we’ll be happy to get you started on X-ray continuing education courses accepted by your state’s licensing body.