Medical Professionals Profile
This extract from one of Tagore’s poems best reflects the ideals surrounding the creation and the purpose behind Medical Professionals. I founded the company following a long and rewarding career with one of the most forward thinking companies at the time, and was supported in my efforts by my current partners who very willingly and completely embraced the idea of creating an organization, recognized for its culture, which is founded on the below unshakable values.
1. Patient Focus
Always approach an assignment thinking of the patient. A patient-first focus will inevitably lead to the greatest value to the customer and improve the quality of care those customers deliver to patients.

2. Humanity
Be a team player. Look after the needs of your colleagues & the company. Contribute to the creation of a work environment that you look forward to spending time in, one which is compassionate.

3. Integrity
Never compromise or taint the company’s name and reputation. Have zero tolerance for unethical business behavior.

4. Big Thinking
Always do the right thing not what is easy or what is profitable. Propose solutions that add value and meet customers’ needs.

5. Energy
Approach all your responsibilities with a high degree of energy and enthusiasm.

6. Quality
Be dedicated to continuously improving your contributions and the solutions you deliver.

7. Empowerment
Consider yourself as completely empowered in all your responsibilities. You are entrusted to contribute and to learn from mistakes.

8. Boundary-less Behaviour
Never limit the definition or your responsibilities. Never jealously protect information and knowledge from colleagues.

9. Control
Observe and establish proper controls to ensure the profitability and well-being of the company.

10. Growth
Strive to contribute ideas and identify opportunities which will contribute to the growth of the company.

These core values assure our stakeholders that there are some things that they can always count on us to do, and others things that they can always count on us never to do.

We have developed a “patient-focused” organization, which recognizes the challenges of working in uncertain, unpredictable, and under-resourced environments, and adds value by always thinking beyond the customer to help him or her provide the highest level of care to patients.

Medical Professionals is an organization dedicated to clinical excellence in radiology. The company has its origins in serving the Radiology Community since 2002 and is driven to overcome the following challenges and realities of the modern radiology industry:

Advances in radiological equipment necessitate an ever-increasing investment in proper and continual training of radiologists and radiographers, the industry has historically focused on technical support and neglected clinical support, the majority of installed equipment is used at a small fraction of its potential diagnosing capacity, and the majority of technical and image quality issues are related to improper utilization.

Because we understand that many healthcare organizations are reliant on radiologists, technologists, and other healthcare professionals who may be inadequately prepared for modern and digital radiology, we have developed complete programs focused on supporting radiology professionals in growing and developing in the areas of: Workflow, image acquisition, post-processing of images, diagnosis support, and patient management.

With an incredibly wide and rich network of collaborators and constituents stakeholders drawn to us by our ideals and our values, Medical Professionals stands apart from other healthcare training providers due to:

Our single focus on radiology, our ongoing relationships with original equipment manufacturers who have entrusted us with application training for their customers and who, in turn, provide training to our personnel at their training centers on their latest equipment, our network of world-renowned radiologists who support us in the development of courses, workshops, and events for the benefit of their peers, radiology associations worldwide which accredit and often offer our material to their members, the talent and diversity of our clinical application engineers based in six countries and able to provide support in many languages, and the pedagogic and graphics superiority of our training material in both accredited e-learning and live lecture formats.

Today, I have the unique opportunity to work directly with the most talented and diverse group of (over 50) radiologic technologists, radiology professionals, and our worldwide network of collaborating renowned radiology technologists delivering minor miracles on a daily basis across the world.

I invite you to navigate through our website to know more about us and more about how we can support you.

Hisham El Azem,
Chairman of the Board of Directors