Medical Imaging Seminars Live Lectures Workshops

Live Lectures, Workshops, & Web Conferences (Only available in Europe)

Medical Professionals’ Courses are our signature products. Developed in compliance with rigorous quality standards by our clinical applications teams, consulting radiologists, and our educational director – a faculty member at a major teaching hospital – these courses are extremely reliant on graphic illustration, providing as clear and accurate an understanding as possible. They are constructed with a well-thought out pedagogic logic and accompanied by quizzes, allowing participants to test their understanding and retention of the content.

These courses are delivered by one of our clinical application specialists or expert consultants:

  • In English or French
  • Directly on-site at your clinic, at a locally organized training location, or through a reliable web conference solution
  • Over the course of one or two full days (depending on the subject matter)
  • Are approved by the American Society of Radiology Technologists

These courses are intended to guide radiology professionals through the theory and fundamental principles associated with each of the various imaging modalities, thereby allowing them to advance into specialized imaging procedures associated with each modality.

Medical Imaging Seminars Live Lectures Workshops

For specific courses, hands-on workshops are recommended – please refer to the program details of each course.