Digital X-Ray Technology – 9 X-Ray Continuing Education Credits

X-Ray Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Fully interactive course that fulfills your X-Ray CEU or Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

Digital X-Ray Technology – 9 CE Credits


  Approved by the CAMRT (Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists) for 9 Category A X-Ray CE (continuing education) Credits
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Meets the CE requirements of the following states: California, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and New Mexico
Meets ARRT® CE reporting requirements
Accepted by the NMTCB
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Digital X-Ray Technology Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Today, Digital X-Ray is the basis of all radiology equipment and technologies. For this reason, we have developed a comprehensive and interactive X-ray continuing education course. The Digital X-ray Technology X-ray continuing education course is designed for radiologic technologists, engineers, and students. It is full of relevant information and, most importantly, allows you to acquire your needed X-ray continuing education credits. Topics covered: X-ray production, X-ray properties, radiographic techniques, basic radiation protection principles, image intensifier, imaging plate, and flat panel detector.
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This X-ray continuing education course is approved by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) for 9 CE Credits. Thus, our Digital X-Ray Technology course meets the ARRT CE reporting requirements. It also fulfills the CE requirements for the following states: Florida, Texas, California, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Oregon. These states in particular have specific X-ray ceu requirements. Moreover, this course is accepted by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) as an approved X-ray continuing education credits course. This X-ray continuing education learning course is composed of several X-ray CEU modules. These X-ray CEU modules will provide you with a cumulative total of 9 X-ray CEU credits.

Audience and Objectives


  • Optimize the transition from analog to digital
  • Know the influence of different parameters in Digital Radiology
  • Prevent abuses in handling new tools
  • Know how to choose the right technology
  • Skills evolution
Target Audience

  • Radiologic Technologists

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Topics Covered


Physical Principles

Fields of Applications

  • Radiation Protection
  • Radiographic Techniques
  • Image Intensifier
  • Imaging Plate
  • Flat Panel Detector
Image Resolution

CQR Credits Distribution

Discipline Major content category & subcategories CE Credits provided
RA-2017 Safety
Radiation Protection and Equipment Operation 2.00
RA-2018 Safety
Patient Safety, Radiation Protection, and Equipment Operation 2.00
RAD-2017 Safety
Radiation Physics and Radiobiology 2.00
Radiation Protection 2.00
RAD-2018 Image Production
Image Acquisition and Technical Evaluation 4.00
Equipment Operation and Quality Assurance 0.50