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Our ARRT Continuing Education courses are approved by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) or by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT), and guaranteed to be accepted by the below state registries in the USA and Canadian territories for all licensed radiologic technologists. Furthermore, our Radiology CE Credits meet the ARRT CE Credits reporting requirements and they are accepted by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB). In addition, all MRI courses are accepted by the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT).
All our courses meet the ARRT Continuing Education requirements of the following states (click on the icons to check the CE requirements of each state) :
New Mexico
P.S: It is the responsibility of each imaging professional to ensure that CE course topics satisfy any specific requirements that may exist for the individual state/s in which they practice.
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Why we are different?

Medical Professionals is a professional training provider specialised in the Medical Imaging field (radiology) since 2002.
We have developed our Radiology CE courses relying on our practical experience in the field. All of our RT team members are specialised clinical application specialists. In other words, each one of them is specialised in a specific modality. We, Medical Professionals, delivered onsite hands-on trainings and lectures to over than 78000 radiologic technologists and 21000 radiologists. We delivered practical radiology trainings in 71 different countries across the world. Moreover, we delivered over 500 lectures and workshops. And annually, we deliver onsite training to a 1000 radiology departments on average.
With this experience built over years, we deployed all of our practical knowledge in the medical imaging field to develop our library of Radiology CE courses that could serve for the ARRT renewal for of RTs licenses. Moreover, we invested in a crew of designers and developers to create a very interactive content. The philosophy of Medical Professionals relies on providing the most reliable content in the best animated and interactive manner. All the same, we ensured that our Radiology CE Courses serve the Radiologic Technologists for their ARRT Renewal and that all of our Radiology CE courses are recognized as ARRT CE Credits.
Our catalogue of Radiology CE courses consists of over 50 interactive complete courses in English and French. You can easily fulfil your 24 CE Credits radiology online through a variety of our ARRT CE Credits courses. Each one of these courses is composed of several modules. Every day we work toward optimizing our content to meet the Radiologic Technologists needs. In this light, we are converting all of our courses and breaking every complete course into separate and shorter ARRT CE Credits modules.
We have also developed our own learning management system (LMS). We developed our own tool with the intent to provide Radiologic Technologists with personalised learning experience. Our LMS provides the radiologic technologists with the ability to track their learning progress. It also provides the accessibility to their 24 CE Credits radiology online, anytime and anywhere as long as they are connected. The learner can log out from the system and reconnect and continue from where he/she left last time and finalize their learning journey for the ARRT renewal.
As concerns the Post-Tests; Medical Professionals developed its post-tests in a very constructive manner to reinforce the learning takeaway messages. The learner can always access the post-test anytime he wants even before following the course. Medical Professionals follows the ARRT regulations, therefore the learner has the ability to take the post-test up to three times for the same ARRT CE Credits activity. The passing score is 75% and the required CE Credits are eligible to be used for ARRT renewal.

We invite you to check out our full inventory of multimodality courses which you may consult through the following links depending your modality of interest: