Radiography Procedures Continuing Education Course

Radiography Procedures

Radiography Procedures

3.25 CE Credits
Expiry date: June 1, 2025

An interactive CE course in radiography procedures.

  • Approved by the ASRT (American Society of Radiologic Technologists) for 3.25 CE Credits
  • Subscription duration: 365 days from purchase date
  • Voiceover available
  • Downloadable transcript available
  • *NEW* Video format available with subtitles
  • Meets the CE requirements of the following states: California, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and New Mexico
  • Meets ARRT® CE reporting requirements
  • Accepted by the NMTCB®
  • Hassle-free 30-day full refund policy*

Our Radiography Procedures continuing education course covers the different clinical applications of digital radiography. It covers topics in radiographic measurements, including: measurements made on spinal radiographs, such as Cobb angle, Chamberlain and McGregor Lines, as well as lumbar lordosis angles, pelvic parameters, goniometry, dynamic X-rays of the knee and ankle, and weight-bearing dorsoplantar foot X-rays. This course also covers procedures with contrast injection, such as arthrography, digestive radiography, intravenous urography, cystography, retrograde urethrography, and hysterosalpingography.

Radiography Procedures is intended for radiologic technologists and radiographers and is suitable for students in digital radiography programs.

Discipline Major content category & subcategories CE Credits provided
BD-2016 Procedures
DXA Scanning 0.25
BD-2022 Procedures
DXA Scanning 0.25
RAD-2017 Procedures
Head, Spine and Pelvis Procedures 0.50
Thorax and Abdomen Procedures 1.00
Extremity Procedures 0.75
RAD-2022 Procedures
Head, Spine and Pelvis Procedures 0.50
Thorax and Abdomen Procedures 1.00
Extremity Procedures 0.75
Section 1: Introduction
  • Introduction
Section 2: Measurements
  • Spine
  • Pelvic parameters
  • Goniometry
  • Dynamic X-ray of the knee
  • Dynamic X-ray of the ankle
  • Weight-bearing dorsoplantar foot X-ray
Section 3: Special Procedures
  • Bone densitometry
  • Hip-knee-ankle radiographs
  • Teleradiography of the spine
  • The EOS system
Section 4: Contrast-Enhanced Radiographic Procedures
  • Arthrography
  • Digestive radiography
  • Intravenous urography
  • Cystography and retrograde urethrography
  • Hysterosalpingography
Paul Orben
September 24, 2022
Interesting and informative course!! Highly suggested!!
Michael Baldeo
January 23, 2022
The animation to your online videos are excellent and and the transcript helped. Thank you for making the price a competitive one. That was like icing on the cake!!!
Orlando Cruz
April 12, 2022
I am very happy i landed on Medical professionals to conduct my first continuing education. Very user friendly and informative.
Kali Perez
April 8, 2022
This was a great and interactive learning experience and I will continue to use this program.
Melissa Alderman
April 6, 2022
Thank you for the inexpensive way of obtaining my CE credits!
Alfredo Escobar
March 31, 2022
Excellent information for obtaining CE credits.
Edgar Dubon
March 5, 2022
Very educational program. I’ll decently will recommended to my co workers.
Jeff Phelan
February 19, 2022
Concise, good value course.
Angela Gonzalez
June 8, 2022
Everything was awesome.
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