CT Advanced – 8 CE Credits

Computed Tomography (CT) CE Credits for ARRT ® Renewal

An interactive course for radiologic technologists that will provide radiography CE credits to fulfill both ARRT ® and state radiology CEU requirements

CT Advanced – 8 CE Credits


  Approved by the CAMRT (Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists) for 8 Category A CE Credits
  Subscription duration: 6 months from purchase date
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Meets the CE requirements of the following states: California, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and New Mexico
Meets ARRT® CE reporting requirements
Accepted by the NMTCB®
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Radiology CEU’s in Computed Tomography (CT)

CT Advanced is an 8-module radiology CEU course designed to provide an Introduction to Computed Tomography Procedures for anyone interested in understanding the pathologies seen in the body via CT, how CT works, and how it impacts medical imaging today.
The CT Advanced course is an overall course to prepare users to understand the protocols and methods used in the various body systems, refresh knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and/or help other healthcare professionals learn more about the modality and what it can visualize. The modules are designed to be able to be taken individually or as a packaged set while gaining radiography continuing education (CE) credits or radiology CEU.
The topics covered in the 8-module set include: Anatomy, Head Procedures, Spine Procedures, Musculoskeletal Procedures, Chest and Neck Procedures, Abdomen and Pelvis Procedures, and Biopsies, Drainages, and Aspirations.
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CT Advanced is an online radiology CEU course accredited by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) for 8 CE credits and accepted for American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT ®) license renewal. The course also meets the CE requirements for the states of California, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and New Mexico.
Each module lists objectives that will be covered in the module. Modules include images and graphs that help facilitate learning and interactive animations to help relate a concept to a visual representation that the user can control. Each module concludes with a summary and a short quiz to test comprehension of the material covered in that module and acquire your need radiology CEUs or CE credits.

Audience and Objectives


  • Mastering image quality and related post-processing of images
  • Minimizing patient dose
  • Appreciation of recent technological advances and imaging options
Target Audience

  • Radiologic Technologists

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Topics Covered


Image Processing


Image Reconstruction

Dual Energy


CQR Credits Distribution

Discipline Major content category & subcategories CE Credits provided
CT-2016 Patient Care
Patient Interactions and Management 0.50
Contrast Administration 0.50
CT-2017 Patient Care
Patient Interactions and Management 1.00
CT-2016 Procedures
Neuro 2.00
Body 3.00
Musculoskeletal 2.00
CT-2017 Procedures
Head, Spine, and Musculoskeletal 3.00
Neck and Chest 2.00
Abdomen and Pelvis 2.00
MRI-2016 Procedures
Neuro 1.50
Body 2.00
Musculoskeletal 1.00
MRI-2020 Procedures
Neurological 1.50
Body 2.00
Musculoskeletal 1.00
NMT-2017 Procedures
Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Procedures 1.00
Other Imaging Procedures 2.00
PTH-2019 Procedures
Treatment Sites 4.50
RA-2017 Procedures
Abdominal Section 1.50
Thoracic Section 1.50
Musculoskeletal and Endocrine Sections 1.50
RA-2018 Procedures
Abdominal Section 1.50
Thoracic Section 1.50
Musculoskeletal and Endocrine Sections 1.50
RAD-2017 Procedures
Head, Spine, and Pelvis Procedures 2.00
Thorax and Abdomen Procedures 1.50
Extremity Procedures 1.00
THR-2017 Procedures
Treatment Sites and Tumors 4.50