Mammography Structured Education Course Combo 1

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4 Courses

The ARRT® organization requires 16 credits (hours) of structured education as a component of postprimary certification. You must accrue a minimum of 1 credit in each of the the main content categories for the discipline you are pursuing. All of the courses in this combo are accepted by the ARRT® organization as structured education activities.

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Don’t forget! You can use these courses to meet your state and ARRT® biennial CE Requirements. This combo gives you 19.3 Category A CE credits
Meets ARRT® structured education requirements
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Major content category & subcategories Credits provided
Patient Care 3.5
Image Production 6.5
Procedures 6
Course 1: Radiation dose in mammography
Course 2: Patient Preparation and Education in Mammography
Course 3: Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
Course 4: Mammography Training Course