California Radiology License Renewal Guide

California Radiology CE License Renewal and Verification Guide

The Radiologic Health Branch (RHB) of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) oversees the radiologic technologist radiology license renewal process and CE requirements in the state of California.

Just as an RT with ARRT® certification has to complete certain continuing education (CE) requirements periodically, California Radiologic Technologists (CRTs) have to follow the state’s regulations for maintaining a valid license.

In this article, we will cover the defined regulations and the process to renew a California radiologic technologist license for various permits.

We’ll start with how one obtains a license to practice as an RT in the state of California.

How do I get a California Radiologic Technologist license in the first place?

In order to obtain a California RT license, you must first obtain national ARRT® certification and then submit an application to the California Department of Public Health’s Radiologic Health Branch (RHB). The application fee is around $112.

For other major permits, you need to apply separately with their respective forms.

To view all forms, check out the RHB’s official page.

CE Requirements – Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRT)

Now, let’s look at what types of courses are approved to fulfill your California radiology CE requirements.

Any course that covers the subject of the application of X-rays to the human body and is approved by an ARRT® credentialing body is accepted for CE credits.

Explore California-Approved CoursesExplore California-Approved Courses

The CE requirements for diagnostic and therapeutic CRTs are as follows:
  • 24 approved CE credits must be earned in total
  • 4 of those credits must be in digital radiography
  • Time period for completion is 2 years before the license expiration date
Some advanced ARRT® certifications are also accepted and will fulfill the complete 24 credits requirement. Here is a list:
  • Mammography**
  • Computerized Tomography
  • Quality Management
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Vascular-Interventional Radiography
  • Cardiac-Interventional Radiography
  • Radiologist Assistant
  • Radiation Therapy

CE Requirements – Mammographic Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRT)

  • 24 approved CE credits must be earned in total
  • 10 of the 24 approved CE credits must be in mammography

The advanced ARRT® credential certificate can be used to meet the 10 CE credits specific to mammography.

CE Requirements – Radiologic Technology Fluoroscopy (RTF) Permit

  • 24 approved CE credits must be earned in total
  • 4 of them must be in subjects related to radiation safety for the clinical uses of fluoroscopy

CE Requirements – Limited Permit X-Ray Technicians (XT)

  • 24 approved CE credits must be earned in total

For Limited Permit X-Ray Technicians (XTs) with digital authorization:

  • 4 of the 24 approved CE credits must be in digital radiography

Enrolling in and completing 6 months of documented coursework in an approved radiology technology program can also earn you the full 24 CE credits.

CE Requirements – Certified Technologist, Nuclear Medicine

  • Nuclear medicine certificates expire every 5 years
  • Credentialing body for continuing education activities – Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM)
  • Participate in management-sponsored programs or CE activities offered by:
    • Professional organizations
    • Higher learning institutes
  • 5 hours of such activities to be completed

How do I submit my renewal form?

A renewal form will be mailed to you by post. You will have to fill it in, documenting each of your completed CE activities. Maintain the proof of completion of all mentioned CE activities as evidence for four years from the day the certificate for that activity was earned. In case you are called upon to share the proof as part of a random audit, it will be very handy.

What happens if you are not able to renew your license on time?

Your license will expire, and you will not be able to practice in the state.

Wrapping Up!

California is amongst the states with the largest numbers of registered radiologic technologists in the country. License renewal is a very important process that must be completed with due diligence every two years.

Based on the type of permit, the CE requirements vary. Having easy and affordable access to state-approved CE courses can make the entire process much more seamless and stress-free.

At Medical Professionals, we offer a rich library of online radiology CE courses specific to the license renewal needs of the state of California. We are confident you will find them useful.

California-Accepted CE CoursesCalifornia-Accepted CE Courses